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Called the "ghetto" of Short Hills, but it's not at all. Very wealthy town, filled with just as many snobs, and japs as Short Hills.
Yo I live in Millburn wuddup.
by anonymous March 27, 2005
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An ok place to live. There are awfully, terrible, snobby people who live there, and people who act like sluts and think they're cool. However, there are also really nice people and very smart people. The ignorant, "slutty" people are very annoying, but they won't get in your way...much. There are some very nice teachers and really mean teachers, but overall, they're ok. The stress is immense, and so is the homework load. There are different groups of popular people and un-popular people. There are the snobby, slutty, rich popular people, the semi-nice, smartish, but still fashionable popular people, and there are the they should be more popular, popular people. In the unpopular ground there are the emo, gay, lesbian, nice unpopular people, the nerdy, quiet, I-don't-feel-comfortable-talking-to unpopular people, and the fun, crazy, nice, yet can be a bit odd unpopular people. In Millburn, the restaurants are nice, some are popular but some are really bad. There are so many ice cream places. The deli is the best, and almost everything is expensive. To blend in you need to be rich, pretty, a bit smart, and fashionable. The housing is nice, but can be expensive. When you go to college, you are expected to go to an ivy league, but if you don't you won't really care because you will be happy you left.
Normal person: Hey, how are you?
Snobby Millburn person: Awesome! Hold on I'm going to take some pictures of myself in sexual poses.
Unpopular Millburn person: Idiotic popular person. Hey normal person. Lets go over there.
Normal person: Sure. And damn that popular person is a stupid bitch.
Unpopular Millburn person: I know...people like that ruin our town popularity.
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I live in Millburn, not Shorthills, and there is a big difference, ShortHills is filled with people who move to the town for getting to work in NY and the school system, people in Millburn usually arent there to leech of the school system and are down to earth. My family has lived in Millburn for more then 200 years and I and my parents, among other families in Millburn work hard for everything we own and dont have unlimited amounts of money.
Millburn = don't have unlimited amounts of money.
by Works Hard October 17, 2010
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just about the most boring place to live. This is a very good school district that attracts not so good people. Good down town area filled with nice little restaurants where kids from Middle and High School spend their parents money after school. Besides the fact that a lot of the kids in the school are pretty snobby, there are a few small friend groups filled with individuals who are down to earth and very nice people. The school year consists of many nice little vacations (thanks to the Jewish Holidays!) and well spaced out breaks (i.e winter break, spring break) all within a month of eachother. The football team for the high school is pretty bad, but people still support it anyway. the soccer team is really good.
Home and Property: the property here is very expensive because of the great school district. There are a few appartment complexes which are nice to live in. Taxes are VERY high here and so is the school lunch.
Drug of Choice is Alcohol and weed.
Millbun Snob: Hey, Omagawd! do you like...totally want to waste my unlimited supply of money from my dads credit card on insanely expensive items?
Normal person: uhh..sure
Snob: like Omagawd we can smoke weed after that!
Normal: uhh...ok. i guess. i wish i didnt move to Millburn
by Hater2010 January 03, 2009
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Millburn is as bad as Short Hills. Short hills is a part of Millburn, just with it's own zip code. Everyone goes to Millburn High and Millburn Middle. They share the Millburn Police and Fire Dept. Millburn people make as much money as Short Hills people. It is just divided by tracks that is all. People make such a big deal about it, but they should go and back to their little rich houses and shut up. Millburn is the same. Maybe we produce more punks and skaters who skate at The Common then Short Hills because people grow up to belive that Millburn is the "ghetto" Bottom line: Millburn is as rich, snobby, bratty, bitchy, lucky as Short Hills.
Boy 1: Dude my dad makes 20,000 a year
Boy 2: You live in Short hills?
Boy 1: No.
Boy 2: Dude fucking move
Boy 1: No i like Millburn it is close to the school
Boy 2: Queer i am not talking to you
Boy 1: Go back to your rich house, prude poser
by SpidermanWF#24 October 09, 2006
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Millburn is the so thought of "ghetto" of short hills. Well, it isn't. Millburn has as many japs preps skaters and posers as short hills as well as all of the "drama" but all the kids in Millburn are the same as short hills: They are bratty, snobby, jerky, and do not deserve anything that they own. Millburn does deserve to pop there collors though because Short Hills pretty much owns Millburn. When you think about it it is ghetto (compared to short hills).
Yo sup i live in THE GHETTO (Millburn) so back off or i will go tell my rich daddy who lives in short hills :X!
by Fellow Millburnian January 21, 2006
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Millburn. The snobbiest people ever! All they do is brag about their money. Elementary school kids go to town and act like their so cool. 6th graders laugh at EVERYTHING. Everyone started getting boyfriends and have found their scale in popularity. There are those inappropriate cool kids who all are dating someone, the middle class kids, and everyone else. All anyone cares about is how many likes they got on their Instagram post! The seventh graders just care about batmistvah invites. By 8th grade almost everyone has lost their virginity. By high school no one cares anymore and everyone smokes,drinks,has sex or are driving cars 200 miles per hour
5th graders in millburn :lets go to STARBUCKS!
6th graders in millburn :FUCK FUCK FUCK
7th graders in millburn :OMG I GOT THIS INVITE

8th graders in millburn : what I haven’t been virgin for like 6 months

High schoolers in millburn : what. Test. SHIT
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by hshdbdbajdbd January 27, 2019
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