A very small fact. Usually used when one wishes to express what a small fact his fellow peer has just spoken upon.

The word can also be used as an insult, in the simple context of expressing that the speaker of the fact is actually saying such a small fact that it is a factoid, therefore being painfully obvious. Sort of another way of saying no shit sherlock.
Friend: "Yo, Justin Beiber is bad!"
Me: "Straight Factoids!"


Friend: "Did you know, Spongebob is a sponge?"
Me: "Bruh, that's a factoid, wtf"
by Bumpoclat June 14, 2020
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a not-entirely-true or documentable "fact" that can be used alone or used to embellish a story;

see Anneism
During the Anneism spouted by Gertrude, the factoids were flying fast and furious.
by Shmouse May 19, 2005
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Facts or factos. Means that something is correct. The word is created my the NOMADIC MANJI GANG, making the word one of the most important words ever.
Friend: My grandma died, she’s happy in heaven and stuff
Me: factoids
by NOMADIC March 29, 2022
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Fac-toi-ded: Factoided is the verb used to announce someones previous statement or sentence was factually incorrect.
The word derives from Maeve Murphy's Gibberish.
Sam: Ben Franklin was a president
Maeve: Naaaaa... Factoided
by Megladonrider June 1, 2020
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1)A fact that may or may not be true, but is trivial in nature. The source of the factoid has questionable authenticity.

2) A verified fact in a compact sentance.
1) 76% of all facts are wrong

2) Bush is a moron
by Gunkglumb May 23, 2005
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a presumed fact(based on other words with the suffix -oid)
He insisted on using factoids for his report instead of relying on known facts.
by Light Joker October 26, 2004
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A fact so awesome that it have to be true and used to embellish a story.
Checking for authenticity is not required.
"Somebody told me that Peter's mom and Alice had an affair." is simple-but-efficient factoid.
by twippio April 25, 2010
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