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Meaning: "Foreigner" or "Slave" - An insult or taunt.
"You N'wah!"
"Drive the n'wah from Morrowind"
by Masta Dragon Red November 16, 2004

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PN. A girl who does nothing the whole time while having sex (ex. moan,move,etc....)
dude: so how'd it go last night with you and that chick ?

dude2: she was a dead fuck.
by Masta Dragon Red June 24, 2004

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A woman that has really been around

comes from the phrase "if she had as many dicks on her as shes had in her she'd look like a porcupine"
damn dude u fucked mary too so did greg ,john, curtis, and about 15 other guys before them

yea that bitch is a porcupine for sure
by Masta Dragon Red May 29, 2007

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When Two Fat People Try To Have Sex
"Yo man I just got this sweet dvd with these two sweaty fat fucks trying to fuck and it's called Missionary Impossible"
by Masta Dragon Red July 23, 2004

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Something Done Half-Assed Or Something Done So That It Works But Looks Fucked Up

See Also: jimmy rigged,nigger rigging,and nigger rig
Dude 1: Where did you learn to hook up a radio from?
Dude 2: I got a Degree In Afro Engineering.
Dude 1: It Shows.
by Masta Dragon Red November 19, 2004

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People that stick their nose into other peoples business.. always wanting to know whats goin on or what the other person has.
Perfect Example for Rubberneckers is from the movie Secret Window.

Ted: Maybe I should take a walk around the block.
Amy: Yes, that'd be good.
Mort: Aw heck, Ted, live a little - make it two. Rubbernecker.
by Masta Dragon Red February 22, 2007

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Bomb made by using dry ice , hot water, and or one of the following

8oz. bottle
12 oz. bottle
1,2, and 3 liter bottles
Must be soda bottles water bottles will not work right
Q: What should we do to scare the neighbors?
A: Dry-Ice Bomb
by Masta Dragon Red July 11, 2004

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