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The law of wrong way states that: "While driving in the city, any missed or wrong turn and subsequent backtracking to find your original route will be met by frustratingly slow moving traffic and red lights at every intersection.

Many, if not all of these red lights will be Full-cycle red lights."
While trying to find the corporate building downtown, I missed my turn and ended up backtracking an extra 3 miles, through 4 busy intersections, while following two old ladies, a Vespa scooter and a garbage truck. The law of wrong way was in effect.

Needless to say, I missed the Boss's luncheon and didn't get the promotion. FML.
by Markwonder October 28, 2010
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A hypocrite is someone who is critical of a certain practice when they themselves are engaging in the very same practice.
Anyone who supports illegal immigration in Arizona yet maintains locks on the doors of their homes and businesses to keep people from just walking in and taking anything they may need to make a better life for themselves or their families is a hipocrite.
by markwonder May 06, 2010
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An institution supported and perpetuated by the Democratic Party right before the civil war. It's true. Look it up.

When Republican Abraham Lincoln became President during the election of 1860 on a platform of ending slavery in the US, many of the slave owning southern Democratic State Officials opted to secede from the Union.

When Abraham Lincoln and the Republican Union finally defeated the Confederates in 1865, many southern Democrat landowners refused to respect the freedom to former slaves and formed the terrorist organization, the KKK.
Brainwashed Liberal: The Republican party hates people of color. They are all about keeping the poor man working in slavery. It's the Democratic party that is a friend of the black man.

Old School Republican: The Republican party is about personal responsibility. You get only what you've worked for and earned. If Democrats had their way they would tax us all into slaves of the government. Open a history book.
by Markwonder September 26, 2011
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Small, sugary jelly-like candy. They are shaped like small beans and come in many flavors and colors. They are somewhat harder than gummy bears. They are also very popular with the children around Easter.
Jellybeans are a lot like people. Nobody likes the black ones.
by Markwonder November 12, 2010
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Usually an emotion expressed by those on the left of the political spectrum when they are confronted with an opinion or a situation that goes against their beliefs or ideals.
Hate towards Miss California Carrie Prejean because of her opinion on gay marriage.

Hate towards our men and women in uniform defending this country, especially anytime a Republican is in the White House.

Hate towards anybody making a decent living for themselves.

Bristol Palin's success on "Dancing with the Stars" brought out the worst kind of liberal hate.
by Markwonder December 09, 2010
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A matrimonial union between two people of the same sex. The passage of gay marriage in the US signifies that society is tolerant towards the love of two people and that people should be free to love whoever they choose.

Thankfully though, we still selectively discriminate against and show hate towards people who may be in a consenting, adult incestuous relationship (Patrick and Susan Stubing of Germany) and against people who prefer intimate relations with animals. Those people should never be free to love whomever they want because that is just disgusting and wrong. ew.
Most people who support gay marriage are actually hate-filled hypocrites.
by Markwonder January 07, 2011
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The shift change at the downtown carwash.
Steve noticed that customers were complaining because the blacks were getting lazy and weren't paying proper attention to their assigned duties. It was obviously time to renig.
by markwonder August 21, 2009
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