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The noise made that signifies the start of use of the physical body.
Marks: Lets start running.
Josh: Hup hup!
by Marks May 23, 2005

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10% of ones income donated to a church, because the Pastor usually makes you feel bad if you don't give it. Taken from the Old testament example of Israel giving the Levites 10% of livestock because Levi didn't get a land inheritence. The Early Church in Acts however NEVER gave tithes, giving was free-will in the NT Church, The Roman Catholics re-introduced monatary tithes to finance their lavish lifestyles.
"Here there goes Rev. Johnson driving the churches TITHES!
by MarkS February 14, 2012

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The type of reaction you have when someone tells your or you see or hear of something impossibly bad/weird/amazing
My brother told me he was going to marry oprah and i had a Fargimph.
by Marks May 06, 2005

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An expression used when someone tells you something that is inconcievable or unbelievable.
My mom told me i was adopted and a had a fargimph.
by Marks May 05, 2005

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Pussy Per Capita

The amount of ass someone gets usually counted by youth groups or groups of friends.
Man....the 8th hour math class has a so much higher PPC rating than the 3rd hour class.
by Marks May 06, 2005

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