Gamer lingo by Payo meaning , Possibility, Positivity, Community
BRuh we are gonnna wipe

Bruh PPC bruh PPC
by BRAINSTEW! November 13, 2022
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Party Planning Committee from The Office Season 5. Michael, Pam and Jim planning Michael's 15 year office anniversary.
"What is the PPC?"
"Party Planning Committee, they spend hours in there."
by Veronica Shoe September 29, 2009
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"Protectors of the Plot Continuum". They hate Mary-Sues, and the Mary-Sues' authors hate them right back. But they don't care, because they're literate and talented, and many of the Suethors are of the "omg ur soooo m33n" sort.

Basically, a PPCer makes up a character (or Agent), whom they write travelling into bad fanfiction and killing the Mary-Sues, occasionally with a spork. Then the agent goes back into PPC HQ and drinks bleepka. The PPC is divided into two sections, which themselves consist of several different departments.

One section, Action, controls the actual operations. It contains departments such as Mary-Sues, Bad Slash, Implausible Crossovers, and so on. The other section, Infrastructure, deals with matters closer to home, including the departments Medical and Sufficiently Advanced Technology, and the PPC general store and cafeteria.

There is also a mysterious department known as the DIO. The DIO does not exist. Nor does it police the PPC itself. It most certainly was not founded in the ruins of the DIS, which was gotten rid of towards the end of the period of the PPC’s history known as the Reorganization.

Each department is headed by one of the Flowers that Be, and the PPC as a whole is governed by the Sunflower Official. He is a sunflower in a smart suit.

It's all very amusing and fun, despite the odd troll or screaming hissy fit, and some Suethors even improve after getting con crit from a PPCer., otherwise known as ‘the Pit of Voles’, seems to have a rule against PPCings. The mods there have no sense of fun.
"teh ppc ruined my fig omg theyre so evil!!!11 anyway my fics better than that tolkein person i went one beter & n gave legolas a betufil wife anyway the ppc suck"

"I'm a member of the PPC."
by Carol Anne Parma September 28, 2006
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A PPC is a dedicated computer for watching porn. It stands for Personal Porn Computer, very similar to the definition of PC, personal computer.
Dude, I found some good ass videos on my PPC today.

Guys, I won't be able to come out tonight. My parents found my PPC and I don't think they're too happy about it.
by Ploobert December 3, 2019
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Paranoid Phone Check

When you and your mate are talking about someone and you then have to check your phone just in case you are ringing the person you are talking about and they have heard what you have said.
Sarah: Julie is definitely putting on weight

Sue: I know, she's been eating like a pig lately

Sarah: Hang on, where's my phone? PPC!
by Kenny_boy June 11, 2009
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The act of inviting your closest friends over and having a pillow pet party. Normally all girls. It involves staying up late and taking random pictures of you and your pillow pet. Girls without pillow pets are not accep by the other girls and will therefore not be allowed or invited to come.
"Omg, did you get invited to the senior girls PPC tonight!?"
"Yeah! My unicorn pillow pet & I are so excited!
by Sssbbbbbrrrrr. May 14, 2011
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Peak Physical Condition

A quest real men partake in everytime they enter a gym. Something unfortunately most gym goers forego as it's too much of a challenge for them. Instead they sit around doing elaborate 5 day splits and talking about how 'aesthetic' they are. Meanwhile the guys in PPC sit around laughing about them knowing that they're bigger, better, faster and stronger.
guy 1: Look at that bodybuilder over there doing his set of curls. He's huge!
guy 2: Paha. All show no go. What you really want is to be like that guy over there. Epitome of PPC.

guy 1: Hey man, up for hitting the gym for a back sesh tomorrow?
guy 2: Haha. No. Think I'll swim a few miles then maybe do a whole body session tomorrow.

guy 1: What?

guy 2: I train to be in good shape, not to look like I'm in good shape. It's all about PPC.
by PPCfounder October 27, 2011
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