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A patch of hair near the private parts. Men have it, women have it. It's like a jungle down there.
Speaking of which, I learned that white people don't use washcloths. Did you know that? I'm serious they got one bar of soap in the house. Every time I go to use it, someone's pubic hair was in it. Why yo ass gonna put the wrong bar of soap in your butt and all that. Maybe I need to wash my face...or my feet.
by Marcus Reed October 05, 2006

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1. The best French basketball player ever, point guard of the San Antonio Spurs.

2. The lucky son of a bitch that's dating Eva Longoria.
1. Did you see Tony Parker make that mad-ass drive to the hoop?

2. Yo Tony Parker, can I fuck your girlfriend tonight?
by Marcus Reed August 20, 2006

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If you're not an idiot, you'd know that "eye for an eye" means, if you fuck someone up, we'll fuck you up too. First coined by Hammurabi back in ancient Mesopotamia times, although I'm sure he didn't quite put it that way.
When John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln, then got killed in a barn in Virginia, that's an eye for an eye.
When Nathan Gale shot that dimebag Darrel, then got tracked down and killed, that's an eye for an eye.
When you give me AIDS after sex, then I track you down and stab the shit out of you, that's an eye for an eye.
by Marcus Reed October 14, 2006

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The greatest, most kindhearted television man that ever lived, unfortunately dissed way too many times by Jimmy Kimmel on "Unnecessary Censorship"
Mister Rogers on UC: "I wonder if you ever think about some of the things you can do now that you couldn't do when you were younger. Can you **** yourself now?"
by Marcus Reed August 19, 2006

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Lupe Fiasco's new album. Features such good songs like "Kick Push" and "I Gotcha."
About time he put that fucking Food and Liquor album out, it's been like 6 months since he released the first single.
by Marcus Reed September 23, 2006

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What you try to do when you accidentally delete something and you want it back!
No, no undeleted! Undeleted! I didn't mean to do that! Come back, Ali! Come back Ali's sister! You two meant the world to me!
by Marcus Reed October 14, 2006

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What the best Urban Dictionary definitions are. If you look at pretty much anything before January 2005, you will see that the highest rated definitions are usually 5-6 words long, have no example, and when they do, it doesn't have the defined word in it.
For some short, sweet, and to the point definitions, look for:

Tracy Mcgrady


Paris Hilton



and much, much more...
by Marcus Reed September 17, 2006

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