The killer of guitar legend Dimebag Darrell. Mr. Gale basically shocked the entire metal comunity forever as he wrote one of the darkest, most dreadfull chapters of music history.
R.I.P Dimebag. We will alwais mourn you.
by Oscar Hinde June 8, 2005
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The stupid fucker that shot Dimebag Darrell on December the 8th 2004

Rot in hell Nathan Gale
by katieeeeeeeeez December 4, 2007
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The Man Who Shot Legend Metal Guitarist, Dimebag Darrell on December 8th, 2004

R.I.P Dimebag Darrell, 1966-2004 Lost But Never Forgotten
Shread in peace Dimebag Darrell, Burn in hell Nathan Gale
by Zero4Mars October 13, 2008
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The ass hole That Shot the Greatest Guitarist of all time, Dimebag Darrell
Did you hear about nathan Gale, he should be hung!
by Zero4Mars October 8, 2008
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an example of an obsessed fan gone to the extremes
Nathan Gale must have been an obsessed fan of Pantera and Dmageplan, and killed Dimebag Darrell because of something he wanted that couldn't be fulfilled; or he was pissed at Dimebag for collaborating with Nickelback. Either way, he is burning in hell for what he did, and the metal community knows that he won't hurt anyone else anymore. Even I haven't done anything like that to anyone in Eve 6, and I was an obsessed fan of them.
by Karen Stickney December 31, 2007
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