9 definitions by Mandogy

A code that is a combination of ALT and a number on the number pad
Alt + 1 = ☺ That is the first Alt Code
by Mandogy January 1, 2015
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Texas isn't a real state. It's just rip off version of Mexico.
I am not scared of anyone from Great Value Mexico
by Mandogy March 30, 2020
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The roommate or friend you bring to your house from college for the holiday that either stuffs you or you stuff them. So, basically that holiday peer you f*ck.
Yeah I don't know much about her but we both live in the same town so she is fine to be my Holiday Stuffing.
by Mandogy December 29, 2016
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Those episodes of a show that don't attribute to the plot or the rest of the season, it is only there to make more episodes in the season. Theses can be like Holiday Specials, Musical Episodes, and Crossovers for instance. We usually express our emotion in a love-hate relationship.
Barry - Ugh I hate that episode where The Flash and Supergirl have to sing in a Broadway show, I just wanted to see him stop Savitar.
Cisco - Relax dude, it is just a Finale Staller, they just want you to get even more amped up for the finale.
by Mandogy May 30, 2017
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Someone who asks for your advice but then, does the exact opposite.
Most of my friends are askholes.
by Mandogy May 20, 2015
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Anyone who goes on YouTube for Mods.
Hey guys, I saw video and I can get you unlimited money on GTA 5.
Others - Shut up Script Kiddie.
by Mandogy July 3, 2017
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