a standard english word, not slang, which could and should be used widely
Be sure to wash under your oxters boys.

Shite, your kit smells like a squally oxter.
by mandingoe June 8, 2004
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Old slang from the Isle of Man meaning an armful. It’s not used much nowadays but it refers to the amount of wood for the fire, packages, that you can carry under, or with, one arm.
Open the door I’ve got a double oxterful of wood for the fire.
by AKACroatalin January 10, 2017
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The armpit and flank area of the human body, in which another individual (normally a partner or close friend) snuggles into for security and comfort. An arm is placed around the snuglee at neck level, creating a fleshy pillow of the shoulder or pectoral muscle, and sealing the oxter embrace.

Can be used to mean both the lying oxter, as in a couple laying horizontal on a sofa or bed, or the standing oxter, as is often seen when a couple stands perpendicular to one another, with the larger of the two placing an arm around the other.
After a long and gruelling day, we crawled onto the sofa, stuck on Netflix and I burrowed into his oxter. I was asleep within minutes.
by The Snagerist November 4, 2020
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(Scotish) Armpit emitting unpleasant odour.
Ochh, is tha a squally oxter or wha? Wha a niff, ken?
by chumpflower December 16, 2003
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