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a sexual fetish that was previously considered perverse but is now commonplace
Bondage and foot fetishes are standard deviations
by Mandingoe September 24, 2004
Would you like another canape?
Fo sho!
by Mandingoe June 8, 2004
I send this smile over to you. A great way to sign off mash notes. Or emails to your main squeeze. Or letters to prisoners for that matter.

A more personal, heart-felt sign-off than "Best" or "Yours", etc.

Inspired by the song "Disarm" by the Smashing Pumpkins.
... I can't wait till I see you this Saturday.

by Mandingoe October 9, 2004
1 aka a real job; a job with heath insurance; as opposed to an internship or the wonderful world of retail

2 a primary job; a day job
This isn't just another interview. This is for a job job.

I'm an editor--primarily of technical documentation for my JOB job, but I also dabbling in things like web site authoring on the side.
by Mandingoe June 6, 2004
We'd park by the lake and just swap spit for hours. Swapping spit is so much fun.
by Mandingoe May 24, 2004
1. a dispute that's a matter of one side's claims or bluster against the other's; a word feud; bickering; belly bumping. Contrary to some definitions, women are quite capable of(although usually less inclined to) "hold their own" in a pissing contest, which could morph into a shirt-shredding cat fight

2. many of the pointless definitions at this site that every one over the age of 8 already knows the meaning of
Liberal Conservative
Goth Prep
Pro-life Pro-Choice
Religion Atheist
ad nauseum in aeternum
by Mandingoe June 9, 2004