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Novacaine used to be a common local anesthetic used in dentistry. It is no longer used as some people have been found to suffer allergic reactions.
Tell me that I won't feel a thing,
So give me Novacaine.
- Lyrics from Greenday's "Give me Novacaine"
by The Magic Bullet May 07, 2005
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Incorrect, but regularly used, spelling of Novocaine - a local anesthetic, commonly used by dentists.
My mouth was numb from the Novacaine
by GQsm July 21, 2011
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A move during cunnilingus where the face becomes numb due to intense orgasms.


Novacained. In which the girl would proclaim she had the novacaine.
"Dam i went to town on that pussy then i gave her the novacaine."

"Oh my god, Mark ate me out so dam good he novacained me."
by Master Pussy eater December 26, 2006
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