Troutman is the place to raise your family. Also known as "T-town", its one of those Podunk towns that most people only hear about. Everybody knows everybody, and it consists of 2 stoplights in the whole town. High school sports are what the people there live for, and everyone in the town goes out to cheer on their South Iredell Vikings on Friday nights because there is nothing else to do in the small town. The hot spots of Troutman is South Iredell high, Kat's Patch, Red Light Cafe, Food Lion, & of course the county fairgrounds
Everbody knows everybody's business in Troutman!
by Vikinette2010 March 28, 2011
the fat kid of the group who loses weight and then gets kicked out of the group because they need a fat kid
Fat Albert dont hang with us know more he pulled a troutman so we replaced him with fat Don
by dave la March 27, 2009
A adjective that defines someone who plays air guitar to heavy metal music. Also, a douchebag that enjoys spooning with his girlfriend.
We went to Lauren's last night and Scotty was being a total Troutman!
by Jason bunton January 20, 2008
Dancing with palms constantly open, hoping for high fives.
"Kit was 'troutmanning' on the dance floor last night and everyone was high fiving him."

"That guy is a troutmanner, acting like fool on the dance floor.
by onehuskerfan February 11, 2013
Verb. To accidentally shit on a weight bench and say you sat on a snikers candy bar that just happened to be laying on said bench.
"Did you see Jermaine pull a Troutman at football practice today? We had to order a new bench because of the stain!"
by jlh1984 March 27, 2009
Ahhh, Troutman Middle School. A place you go if you want to become a hoe or thot. Even the prettiest girls that aren’t a hoe or a thot get made fun of. But be careful for the pedopholic teachers doing “push ups” in the bathroom! In the cafeteria you can find disgusting food with hair in it and some cockroaches on the floors and door ways. Wow so delicious! 🤢 Everyone thinks they are cool. There are so many different cliques like the “pretty” thots, “cool” kids, them girls with their pants pulled too far up to make it look like they have an ass, the weird anime people (they dress and get a hair cut like some anime bitch) and the normal kids (very rare to find). If you want to be a druggy this is the place to go! But on the bright side if you like wrestling their team is pretty good.
have you been to troutman middle they are such druggies and suck at most sports and their food and school is gross asf!
by Anonymous 131402 November 8, 2019
A racist that hates everyone that is not Caucasian
Mackenzie Troutman killed my neighbor “he was black
by Cole Billman May 23, 2022