4 definitions by MajorBabeMarshal

1: A shit/turd so painful it Kills you.
2:The Last shit you will ever take before you die.
3: The dump someone takes on death row before they meet 'ole-sparky'
4: When you die and THEN you shit yourself, being definatley the last shit you ever take!
5:When someone has been on the toilet so long and never come out, they must have shith their Death Turd.
6: A Shit so horrible it is the harbinger of DEATH!
7: Barack Obama
1: My Dad... he... He shit his Death Turd!
2: As i sat by my dying father's side, i held his hand, it was such a solemn moment... Until he Shit his Death Turd
3: Times up Maggot, its off to the chair with you, hurry up and shit your Death Turd.
4: I Watched my dad die on the street, i wept until i caught the scent of his Death Turd.
5: Theyve been in there an hour, i think they shit their Death Turd!
6:Oh God, the world's gonna END, i just Shit a Death Turd.
7: I went to Washington and Met the Nation's Death Turd.
by MajorBabeMarshal March 05, 2012
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1: A nasty bastard who advertizes his dick by desperately shaking it for everyone to see.
2: a Guy who wants to fuck so bad that he rattles his cock by shaking it around wildly in a desperate advertisement.
3:A man or guy who doesnt wear underwhear, so his cock rattles around wildly in his pants as he walks or struts around like a cock-of-the-walk.
4: Your dick is so old and hollowed out that it Rattles.
1: Uhg, i went to get on the bus today, and Bill Clinton was standing at the corner.
2: OMG! Bill Clinton is back! I could hear his Cock rattling from a Mile away!
3: Put on some underwear you Rattlecock!
4: My Grandpa is so old and has had so much tang in his life that all thats left is fosilized cum inside his cock, it Rattles when he walks.
by MajorBabeMarshal March 05, 2012
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1: Someone who is such a fucking whore that they'd fuck a rattlesnake if they could ONLY HOLD IT STILL LONG ENOUGH.
2: Someone who's such a whore and has spread her legs so much that when she fucks her Snatch rattles.
3: A Bitch who has fucked so much that her snatch is so empty and wide that even the biggest thickest cock makes it Rattle like the dime inside a huge metal coffe-can.
1: Paris Hilton is such a Rattlesnatch!
2: I hear rattling, Lindsay Lohan must be near!
3: Shhh, i hear a clinkity clink rattling noise... Its just so faint... oh wait, your cunt's so wide that the sound is being produced by my massive black cock rattleing inside of you looking for a little lining that might be left somewhere. *Rattle rattle* nope, your too much of a rattlesnatch.
by MajorBabeMarshal March 05, 2012
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1: A fucking idiot who is only attracted to certain bodyparts instead of to the opposite sex for being living things of the opposite sex. they brag and loud-mouth how 'straight' they are because theyre so into pussy, tits, ass, etc... These are often the same kind of assholes who usually come out of he closet 10-20 years later. or they go around dehumanizing women and viewing them as meat instead. Focusing on looks and sex, the same way a dog would judge a couch-cushion before humping it and then chewing it. or theyre the kind of assholes who turn out to be sex-offenders of somekind.

2: Their loud abnoxious sense of pride is a display to others as a way of desperately trying to prove how straight they are and brag about how much, pussy, ass or tit they get and the more they get the straighter it makes them. But they only have so much to prove because they have even more to hide. Like the whore bitch that brags about all the cocks she gets but is secretly trying to cover the fact that she's a lesbian or some kind of pervert.
3: Chauvanists can come in all genders, races and sexualities, but always bully virgins and slander them as being gay, when the Cahuvanists themselves are truly the ones who are queers simply trying to hide by projected what they are onto an innocent victim to try and reassure everyone of their status in the heard of mouse-dicked jack-asses.
1: The chauvanists wont stop talking about how much ass they get... He's such a fake.
2: The prattling of Chauvanists really proves to me that they have a lot to prove because they have some dirty secret theyre trying to hide.
3: He wont stop telling everyone about his sexuality, how much he likes pussy, tits, legs, and ass... Who he trying to convince, he's so desperate to prove something! Chauvanists should be ignored.
by MajorBabeMarshal March 05, 2012
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