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1: A nasty bastard who advertizes his dick by desperately shaking it for everyone to see.
2: a Guy who wants to fuck so bad that he rattles his cock by shaking it around wildly in a desperate advertisement.
3:A man or guy who doesnt wear underwhear, so his cock rattles around wildly in his pants as he walks or struts around like a cock-of-the-walk.
4: Your dick is so old and hollowed out that it Rattles.
1: Uhg, i went to get on the bus today, and Bill Clinton was standing at the corner.
2: OMG! Bill Clinton is back! I could hear his Cock rattling from a Mile away!
3: Put on some underwear you Rattlecock!
4: My Grandpa is so old and has had so much tang in his life that all thats left is fosilized cum inside his cock, it Rattles when he walks.
by MajorBabeMarshal March 05, 2012
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