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1: Someone who is such a fucking whore that they'd fuck a rattlesnake if they could ONLY HOLD IT STILL LONG ENOUGH.
2: Someone who's such a whore and has spread her legs so much that when she fucks her Snatch rattles.
3: A Bitch who has fucked so much that her snatch is so empty and wide that even the biggest thickest cock makes it Rattle like the dime inside a huge metal coffe-can.
1: Paris Hilton is such a Rattlesnatch!
2: I hear rattling, Lindsay Lohan must be near!
3: Shhh, i hear a clinkity clink rattling noise... Its just so faint... oh wait, your cunt's so wide that the sound is being produced by my massive black cock rattleing inside of you looking for a little lining that might be left somewhere. *Rattle rattle* nope, your too much of a rattlesnatch.
by MajorBabeMarshal March 05, 2012
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A word that has no real definition and is said when a reply cannot be thought up quickly enough.
Hey Jim, what are you going to do about the termight infestation in your mother's teeth?

by Branden AaseN January 19, 2004
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