1. In old colonial times, it was the correct way to spell what is now known as shit. It is a rather fancy way of expressing a feeling in where you have the need to curse.
shith thou shall cut off his head.

art thou deflowered. yes. shith.
by Ilikeshavecat21 April 13, 2010
Brian Bridgeman says shithe in his gay quiz.

Brian sucks at checkers

Shithe is just abit cooler than shit, but not as cool as Shite.
Person1: I took a shithe on your mom last night.
Person2: yeah, well I shite'd on YOUR mom.
Person1: OMG I AM NOT WORTHY!!111
by Morgan Nerrenberg April 27, 2004
usually used to call someone out when they’re being an idiot or an asshole. can be used as an adjective or a noun.
1: guy: “bruh ew that dude’s such a homo.”

guy 2: “wtf that’s such a shithe’s thing to say, what the matter with you?”

2: guy: “ew man, look at her body, absolutely disgusting.”

guy 2: “ur such a shithe man, there’s no reason to say that.”
by sassylatina February 25, 2020
Shith; is Marilyn Manson's way or referring to 'shit'. Produced independently under the record label NOTHING with his band, the mechanical animals, continue to dominate the charts.
NOTHING does not release "shith", they only release music that is the new shith. It'll be a day of great sadness should the front man die. Why.............? They'll ask 👮
by Bryn Benn March 28, 2020