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Noun: 1. Any person who can't pronounce the word nuclear, even though someone must have told him by now that nucular is not a word. 2. Any person whose brain is unconnected to his mouth. 3. One whose speeches or commentary cause people to throw the remote at the TV screen.
How did that bushbrain get a TV show? He just said nucular again!
by magill March 22, 2008

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1. The inane, quarter-witted, puerile and illiterate speech of Dubya, aka Bush II, which one could call stupid if that weren't an insult to stupid people. This invariably causes flinching, groaning, cursing, and the destruction of remote control devices and even TV sets by poor slobs caught unaware by random broadcasts. 2. Any such speech by others, esp. politicians.
The Dubyadayada from the press conference made me throw my lava lamp through the TV screen and scream "aarrrgh"!
by magill March 21, 2008

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1. bad art- a term coined by author and journalist H.L. Mencken in the early 20th century see Mencken in wikipedia from "Sahara of the Bozart" article. A takeoff of the term Beaux Arts. 2. the backward areas of the south in that time period.
This arts festival is strictly bozart. He was born in the bozart, but moved to the Big Apple.
by magill March 22, 2008

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noun, verb, adjective and great movie star: 1. graceful, exquisite, suave, and perfect. 2. to act in this manner. 3. Fred Astaire, the best dancer ever (Baryshnikov even said so), who was the epitome of suaveness and elegance combined with superb athleticism and grace. In the Hollywood of the 30's and 40's, he was hugely popular, combining the cool of Bogart with the class of Carey Grant. An actor, drummer, and singer, he had famous song composers vying to write songs for him- one truly cool dude.
1. I tried to astaire it, but failed dismally because I'm a clunk. 2. That astaire had me at hello. 3. Watching Astaire makes me believe in the magic of art.
by Magill April 01, 2008

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a person, addicted to completing the New York Times Sunday crossword in ink, for whom this is a method of shoring up feelings of self-worth and intellectual pride. Derived from Will Shortz, editor magnus for the Times, it is an affliction common to several million people.
I'm a Shortznob, but in the words of Woody Allen,I need the eggs.
by magill March 20, 2008

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A common social phenomenon- A 20-something male computer geek with a $1,000 mouse and a bad car who still lives rent-free in his mom's house (attic, basement, or childhood bedroom). Although often of high IQ and with a degree, they are commonly underemployed. This condition is rare among females. Social interaction is limited to people who will come over at midnight.
The sociogeek went into culture shock when his mother threw him out and he got his first electric bill. Sociogeeks are not environmentalists because they never go outside.
by magill March 22, 2008

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Noun: 1. A person who uses UD posts for personal vengence, not realizing it makes them look pitiful. 2. A person who posts their own name on UD, not realizing it makes them look like someone you want to avoid at all costs.
That UDumber put the name of the girl who dumped him on. Has he lost his mind?
by magill March 22, 2008

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