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Nice round breasts, some sweet as melon jugs, they are revealed via a low cutshirt. Jumblies should always be pointed out to a friend when visible.
"show me your jumblies lady!'
"psst, justin, 3 o'clock, carrie's jumblies are on display!"
by Macdaddy April 19, 2005

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Having two sets of balls in the mouth. The name is fairly self explainitory itself.
did you see the whore on the internet getting a twin teabagging from those two dudes? It was amazing, yet horrifying!
by macdaddy June 10, 2004

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UBH - 'Ugly Back Home'. You know those fat/old/gross/socially inept white guys who miraculously parade around Japan/China/Thailand/Korea (basically all of Asia except Nth Korea) with a pretty local girl on their arm?

They are UBHs.

"At home they are zeros - here they are heroes."

And now that they have found their (only) niche, they're not going ANYWHERE.
Guy: "Ergh. I just saw the worst thing. A fat sweaty white guy in jogging shorts and a WANG t-shirt talking loudly and condescendingly to this hot little Japanese girl, who was nodding and hanging off his every stupid, spittle-soaked word. Dude, WTF? I just wanted to rescue her. And also maybe have sex with her."

Other guy: "Bro, you need to calm down. You're in Tokyo now, bitch. You're going to see a lot of that - you've just witnessed a UBH in action."
by MACDADDY March 27, 2014

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When a male participates in sexual activities, including foreplay, sex, or oral sex, with 4 or more females which are below his standards. This usually occurs when one is desperate for any sort of action due to one being extremely horny and is followed by depression brought on by being made fun of for your actions.

Sometimes pronounced with an urban street accent: flippin' da channels.
"I was just flippin' the channels at the hotel after prom with Carole, Ashley, Ana, and Megan."

"Ugh, Sunny you sick fuck where have your standards gone!? All of those girls are uglier than your mom"
by Macdaddy May 15, 2005

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also known as brent;
A man of remarkable.
Truely awesome at what he.
Always without a doubt the most.
*look daddy I'm making a cow*
*See my silohette through the curtain*
by MacDaddy March 24, 2003

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Gay assed name for the Arabian Goggles!!!!!
Afghani Goggles!?!?!?! wtf???
It's Arabian Goggles, and it's going to stay that way
Who the hell invented the crap name; Afghani Goggles?
by macdaddy June 10, 2004

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"swine on my seats..."
by macdaddy September 24, 2003

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