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A combination of the word whiny and paranoid, internet trolls who take the internet too seriously often have this trait.
Half paranoid, half whiny brat...parawhiny.
by MM132 October 1, 2019
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To be a Jasper is to be someone who blocks other people on social media solely just because they vilified you and your friends and to overreact to said vilification and think that it's 'creepy' while also stating that the person who vilified you shouldn't contact you or your friends ever again.
Jasper pulled a Jasper on me
by MM132 March 21, 2021
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A bad attempt at trolling in which said troll masks said insults as a "critique" of their victims work.

Often the person rants on about little details that the author could have easily fixed on their own and going on about how the characters in said author's story is a Mary Sue even when they have little to no Mary Sue traits at all.

And on occassion rarely fixes their own grammar, never uses capital letters or any form of punctuation mark whatsover.

Also claims that the victim is the one that needs to use a dictionary when he/she is the one that needs it more than the victim.
"Did you read the last Failtique from mr failtroll wannabe over there?"

"Yeah, major fail overload."
by MM132 September 6, 2012
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A subtype of troll who thinks that making jokes about penises, trannies and other gross sexual subject matter is humourous when it actually isn't.

Also thinks that posting porn on SOMEONE ELSES's website or wiki is funny, clever and a way to improve said site.
"Diana's wiki was bombared with Pornographic content and articles regarding penis jokes and trannies."

"Ugh....Sexaholic? Those sexaholics make me sick to my stonach."
by MM132 November 17, 2012
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A portmanteau of Aykroyd as in Dan Aykroyd and maniac, a fan of Dan Aykroyd who is heavily devoted to spreading the word of Aykroyd to others, at one with him and his universe and willing to provide and serve, a service to Aykroyd fans everywhere, delivering supernatural justice onto enemies.
Clyde is an Aykroydiac with knowledge of the occult.
by MM132 September 12, 2020
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A retarded fan of the crappy website Combusting Herpes, but to a more extreme length, in which they try to convince people who hate the site to spend more than 5 seconds on it and claim that the site is funny and provides social commentary followed by calling that person out on their supposed stupidity even though they are the ones making complete assess out of themselves.

They often claim that the person they're insulting is butthurt when they're actually more butthurt then the person they are insulting.

Sometimes they are similar to Twitards in the way that they act.
"Combusting Herpes is teh shit."
"No it isn't."
"Waaaaaaaa, Nathan doesn't like Combusting Herpes! Waaaaaaa!"
"Yeeesh - what a Combusting Fantard."
by MM132 January 6, 2013
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When a character in an online roleplay session is forced to be in a relationship as part of god-modding on the other character's half and not willingly, the character in general may claim that it is willing but it comes across as more like Stockholm Syndrome.
'Dylan and Brandon are not a couple in the RP, it's a Forced Pairing because Dylan is mind controlling him'.
by MM132 March 4, 2019
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