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"ez rq" means "easy rage quit". it means that you made them easily rage quit without having to start a long argument.
Its like rq but with a touch of ez to it.
-player leaves game after getting killed-
You: ez rq
by MLGYolofade May 23, 2020
literally the most cringeworthy thing to say in 2020 and beyond
if you say this youre most likely around the age of 8-10
but if youre 15+ and say this i dont know if your parents loved you enough

sometimes used in arguments but is now called the forbidden, and you will be made fun of if you say this
person1 : "youre bad"
person2: "no u"
person1: "did you fucking seriously say that youre honestly a cringe asshat go die immediately"
person2: "no u"
person1: "your parents never loved you enough"
person2: "thats.... right"
by MLGYolofade January 19, 2022
Just like pay2win, except that instead of paying for an item, you watch an ad to get special items. (Usually common on horrible mobile games).
Game: Please watch an ad to get a nuke.
Person: What a watch2win game.
by MLGYolofade February 25, 2021
this is what every enraged 8-9 year old ROBLOX players.
This is a bypass that is used by you know, 8-9 year old roblox players.
You can find this in SOME fighting games.
-does something in a fighting game-
that annoying 8 year old kid: U STUPED
by MLGYolofade June 4, 2020
"i'm not trying" is an excuse for people who lost in 1v1s.

It's basically an excuse to get away from the fact that you're actually bad at the game.
You might find this is Roblox fighting games, or other games as well.
*opponent loses 1v1*
Opponent: "i'm not trying"
by MLGYolofade May 28, 2020
A word used by Technoblade. He calls his friends nerds and other random kids.
by MLGYolofade October 1, 2020