Old Roblox is typically referred to as the 2006 - 2012 era of Roblox. Players from that time see it as a "nostalgic heaven" whereas anyone with at-least one braincell will remember it was a toxicity haven. No filter besides super safe chat, clunky physics and that crispy anti-aliasing that didn't exist.

People from this era might chant "bring back tix" (roblox lingo for a ticket currency) or cry about the forums being removed.

It was a good time, but not the best time. Rest in peace, old roblox.
Veteran one: I miss old roblox

Veteran two: Old roblox really was the best time

Ro-banger: mic up cuh u aint nothing y u here these streetz are mine

Veteran one: I hate this
by evergreen2y April 01, 2021
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the worst community ever, full of fake old robloxians (people who pretend they joined back on old roblox) and toxic people. i suggest you not to join this community or you will regret it.
Old Robloxian Pretender: hey i joined in 2010 haha lol noob
a normal guy: are you one of those dumbasses in the old roblox community who tries to pretend they joined roblox back in old times? you are a pg lol
by im the mask guy LOl May 25, 2021
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