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Something you yell when you want to wake someone up, holding out your hand in a 'flicking' posture.
by MATT May 29, 2004
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man, skating (skateboarding) is fucking fun!!!!

rollerblades are for fags - ill mitch from www.illmitch.com
by MATT June 12, 2004
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Where people go to cheat on their boyfriends/girlfriends etc. A place of no moral grounding. It's not called a beach cause trash gets washed ashore. For example: Jersey Girls. To take part in the Jersey Shore experience pretend you can't read, get a jailhouse build, wear wifebeaters everyday, spend the off season in tanning salons, wear two pounds of gel in your hair, talk about how much you hate black people, but party to music created by black people, make sure you can borrow mommy/daddy's car, wear cheap jewelery. If confused, watch Growing up Gotti.
Duhhhhh, I'm going to the shore to get my std
by MATT February 8, 2005
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<Guruchild> women take the internet way too god damned seriously and involve all thcesarily complex emotions like we guys really need that bs in our nerd kingdom
by MATT March 11, 2003
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Well come on you can't figure it out?

Saying shit and other words like it useing a lot of slang usually a combination of the two defines shit talk.
Her son has no chance of keeping the family's reputation going to public school with all that shit talk.
by MATT April 8, 2005
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A combination of sandals and shoes made from a well worn pair of sneakers, usually very well worn, by cutting away the fabric over the toe and around the heel.
"Hey Andrew, I think those old track shoes are just about ready to become shandals."

"Dude, nice shandals!"
by MATT September 29, 2003
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A great action movie starring Christian Bale, and featuring the highest on-screen body count of any film (non-war).
by MATT November 4, 2004
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