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1) A slang term for woman with low morals and poor hygene. Derived from 'Skeezy', a variant of the word 'Skeevy', meaning filthy or stained with fecal matter, urine and/or semen.
2) A low-class prostitute; one who is diseased, ugly, prematurely aged and/or worn-out from hard work and rough trade.
3) An immoral woman with no pride; one who engages in humiliating and degrading sexual acts for little or no gratitude or reward.
1) "Man that skeezer smells pretty ripe."
2) "20 bucks!? For THAT? Man, for that kind of money you could buy four skeezers like her and still feel cheated!"
3) That skeezer did WHAT? With WHAT sports team? And she KNEW they were filming her? Man, if they have any compassion at all they should at least buy her dinner afterwards...or offer to hose her down before the next tour group came by..."
by MAC-Gyver May 27, 2003

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1) An underage girl. From the punishment for statutory rape (i.e., consensual sex with a minor or mental defective being considered technically illegal if not in poor taste) being a felony charge that carries prison time.
2) A juvenile delinquent or repeat offender, from their taste for getting into trouble, their constant trips to prison, and the fate of the silly bastards when they get there.
1) The rule with jailbait is that 16 will get you 20.
2) "Jake got sent up for dealing crack to schoolkids again? Man, that dumbass jailbait thrustbucket must like prison food and free orange jumpsuits."
by MAC-Gyver May 27, 2003

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1) The use of a rhyming word in the place of the original word to obscure the meaning.
2)The chaotic blur that is the soul of the Cockney dialect.
"Take a butcher's" (butcher's hook = look)
Daisies (shoes) (daisy roots = boots).
"She's a pretty twist" (twist and twirl = girl)
"He's ginger" (ginger beer = queer / homosexual. Derogatory unless uttered by fellow travellers)
"I took the lift to the apples"(apples and pears = upstairs, though not even pensioners use that phrase anymore)
by MAC-Gyver May 27, 2003

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1) A person whose rectum is worn out and distended from overuse due to rough or frequent anal sex. So-called because having sex with them is like thrusting into a bucket.
2) Gay male slang for a promiscuous person, their equivalent of a 'slut'.
Gary is going out with a biker pack? What a cheap little thrustbucket!
by MAC-Gyver June 02, 2003

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A slang phrase from the Southwestern United States, indicating a person is more image or projection than actual substance.
It is probably derived from the region's contempt for people who are not cowboys or ranchers but who try to mimic the frontiersman image through superficial adoption of the region's folkways.
President Bush's new tax plan is supposed to help the struggling middle class and revitalize the stock market. However, closer analysis reveals that he's just all hat and no cattle.
by MAC-Gyver May 27, 2003

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From the Italian, meaning 'low voice'. To speak quietly out of the corner of your mouth so that the subject of your speech can't hear your insult or know that you are speaking.
"Oh, what a beautiful creature your daughter is", said Mrs. Mulroy saccarinely to Mrs. Katz at the Bat-mitzvah.
"Too bad the zoo can't identify what kind of creature she is", Mrs. Jackson said sotto voce to Mrs. Mulroy as they plastered wide smiles on their faces.
by MAC-Gyver May 27, 2003

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A slang term for the pale parts of a person's face left by sunglasses, goggles or facemasks when the person has been sunburned or tanned by being out in the direct sun for long periods of time. So-called from the person's facial resemblance to the black 'mask' pattern of a raccoon.
After climbing to the top of the mesa, Jan took off his glasses to clean them and was puzzled by Jane and Louis' howls of laughter. Although his face was burnt a deep brown by their day-long trek in the desert, his pallid eye-sockets underneath revealed a nasty raccoon tan.
by MAC-Gyver May 27, 2003

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