1) A slang term for woman with low morals and poor hygene. Derived from 'Skeezy', a variant of the word 'Skeevy', meaning filthy or stained with fecal matter, urine and/or semen.
2) A low-class prostitute; one who is diseased, ugly, prematurely aged and/or worn-out from hard work and rough trade.
3) An immoral woman with no pride; one who engages in humiliating and degrading sexual acts for little or no gratitude or reward.
1) "Man that skeezer smells pretty ripe."
2) "20 bucks!? For THAT? Man, for that kind of money you could buy four skeezers like her and still feel cheated!"
3) That skeezer did WHAT? With WHAT sports team? And she KNEW they were filming her? Man, if they have any compassion at all they should at least buy her dinner afterwards...or offer to hose her down before the next tour group came by..."
by MAC-Gyver May 27, 2003
Someone who hoes around and acts like a whole bitch.
That girl fucks with everybody she’s a “skeezer for real
by Yathrib October 27, 2019
A promiscuous unkept woman of uncouth principal.
did you hear bout eva? shes a straight skeezer now.
by Turner and Crystal July 11, 2008
“I can not love on no skeezer, that is a dub ion need her.”
by eyawihs March 16, 2021
a euphemism often used to refer to a $25 crack ho who was beaten with the ugly stick
by Latisha June 4, 2002
A scheming skank. A skeezer comes from all walks of life and is often confused with a smut.
That skeezer tricked me into buying her ass a drink.
by Kleanest May 5, 2017
a popular board game in sweden. a game of skill as well as chance.
by jason biggs June 13, 2002