5 definitions by M.E.A.T

To crumple up an important document or item in front of the items owner, followed by throwing the crumpled item on a desk or the floor.
Bro, the sergeant walked over to me, snatched my birthday card out of my hands, crinkled it up and threw it on the floor! Yeah, dude, the sergeant crumple fucked the birthday card my momma sent to me, too.
by M.E.A.T November 08, 2020
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When pepper spray is purposely blasted into someone’s mouth.
Hey bro, that fucking cop gave me a dose of the cajun mouthwash just for running my lips at him.
by M.E.A.T June 08, 2019
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When one believe testicles are protruding or exposed when they are not.
Dude, I thought my left nut was hanging out of a hole in my undies, when I reached down, all was is place, I guess it was just a testicle illusion.
by M.E.A.T October 02, 2020
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