Emma: I look better than all of yall
Stacey: Emma is so Saditty
by Luvbug8 December 8, 2019
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Really bougie, Big everything, Always seen, and believes she is the ishh, and has everyone else thinking it too.
She soo Saditty
by Babybougie November 30, 2010
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Adjective: Putting on airs, to think one is better than others
"I tol' you private school done made that boy saditty! That's YO' son!!
by The Original OG July 19, 2003
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The utimate or higest level in being saditty Also see high post
Robin Givens is just so high saditty! She is worse than Oprah Winfrey!
by Kisha April 5, 2006
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