Honest without regard to hurting the person's feelings.
person #1 Doesn't this skirt look good on me?

person #2 Yea, if you like that "big butt look".
by KristiB June 25, 2005
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To be blunt and rude about something.
"She was brutally honest when told me that I looked fat in the outfit"
by mildred rose November 22, 2006
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Person 1 :"God that Onision is such a douche."

Person 2 :"He's just brutally honest."
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when a self-absorbed a-hole tells someone his or her version of the truth without any regard for the person's feelings or self-esteem; usually done for the sole entertainment and self-fulfillment of the speaker with no benefit to the recipient except for reduced self-esteem (who needs self-esteem, really?)
I'll just be brutally honest, your not as pretty as your friend and that is why he left you for her.
by hawkwife November 21, 2010
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Instead of being an honest abe, your more brutally honest like vp joe biden, and tend to say stuff without thinking it through, often hurting others feelings while being honest at the same time
Dan: Yo man, wanna go to that club we went to last time
Mike: No thanks, that place was fucking disgusting and the girls were too sluty for even a desperater loser! What, were ya looking to get another cheap slut?
Dan: ... Coulda just said no instead of being a Brutally Honest Joe man!
Mike: Sorry bro
Dan: It's all good, we'll just find another place
by Don Neri October 4, 2009
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