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Heroin. Most frequently used in the 60s.
When the smack begins to flow, I really don't care anymore...
by Lurhstaap December 29, 2004
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1. v. To kill someone with a knife, particularly in an extremely violent, vengeful way.

2. adj. Someone who is violent and/or insane.
"Yeah, they found him in pieces. He got completely Rookwooded."

"He's fuckin' Rookwood, man. Stay away."
by Lurhstaap February 16, 2004
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Any person, situation, or action that is deemed stunningly and/or embarassingly stupid. Implies contempt, disapproval.
"That's some witchychicky shit right there bro."
by Lurhstaap December 29, 2004
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n.: Underknown, underappreciated early (founded ~early 70s) German metal band, who dabbled in elements of power and thrash metal long before either subgenre was actually around. Also about ten times harder than Black Sabbath ever has been. Noteable mainly for the incredible guitarwork of Wolf Hoffmann and the inhuman, uncannily appealing screeching of Udo Dirkschneider.
Classic songs: Balls to the Wall, Restless and Wild, Head Over Heels, Russian Roulette, Dogs On Leads, Metal Heart, Son of a Bitch, Wrong is Right, Fast as a Shark
by Lurhstaap December 21, 2004
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1.) A condom.
2.) More specifically, a condom that has been inflated (usu. by mouth) and tied, thus becoming a balloon.
"We got a fuckballoon from the library bathroom dispenser, inflated it, and tossed it around in the street until, when Nik tried to catch it, it popped. He declared, loudly, that he'd just gotten the whole world pregnant."

"Sometimes I think Nik uses his skull to store used fuckballons in."
by Lurhstaap May 30, 2005
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