Any person, situation, or action that is deemed stunningly and/or embarassingly stupid. Implies contempt, disapproval.
"That's some witchychicky shit right there bro."
by Lurhstaap December 29, 2004
Witchychicky - Mind numbingly stupid or moronic to the point of causing enraged outbursts

The term witchychicky originated on the show 2 Sense, an online radio show featuring 2 The Ranting Gryphon. The term witchychicky is taken from the name of a moronic neopets player who threatened to sue someone for using her name on a list of stupid RPG players. Upon hearing this 2 implemented the name as a way of saying "You stupid bitch".

Apperently this worked seeing how the use of the term landed it on this site. Witchychicky = Stupid Biatch!!
"That is some real witchychicky bullshit!"
by David M. Pearlman September 9, 2004
A euphemism for stupid, moronic. From the second epside of '2 Sense', where a listener sent in an email about a stupid kid who called herself witchychicky.
That's some witchychicky shit.
by Nemba April 8, 2005
Adjective used to describe something that is unnervingly insane or outrageous.
" That's some witchychicky shit going on over there! "
by Speck December 20, 2003
1. A word use to describe anything that is remarkably stupid.
2. A word used to describe something which is so dumb it is somewhat disturbing.
Carla is so witchychicky she cut her foot off because she thought it was haunted.
by Sarah Vyette December 16, 2003