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A phrase used when one tries to find a way to accomplish something that should be relatively easy, and finds the task overbearing due to outside influences.
At that point one might surrender, and choose to accept things as they are. This is NOT the same as giving up and is NOT associated in any way with acts of physical or mental abuse

An analytical or casual thought process used to define one's abililty to understand that some things cannot be changed by the human species, and therefore requires acceptance

casual frustration
I did all the right things, and they didn't work this time. Oh well, There's nothing else I can do. I'll get over it....... such is life........

I wish the flowers would last all year, but I understand that's the way nature works.....such is life.
by mjh01 August 26, 2006
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a phrase that can be used to comment on any statement in the english language.
guy1: lil wayne is out and TI is back in
guy2: such is life...

guy1: the bomb killed my son, my two daughters, my wife, it blew off my two arms and a leg, destroyed my house, and killed mum
guy2: such is life...
by dj claudey claude November 26, 2010
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A phase used in life when things do not work out the way a person would want or something bad happens to something or someone.

Similar to Que sera sera (whatever will be, will be)
"My boyfriend broke up with my yesterday oh well..such is life"

"I was fired today" "oh well mate, such is life"

"My mum was killed last night" "such is life"
by 2hot4hell March 10, 2013
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