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Shitty school in newhaven, east sussex.
It got burned down the other day. haha
person 1:i go to lewes priory, what school do you go to?
person 2: i got to tideway
person 1: omg poor you, can you actually read??
by Lucy April 14, 2005
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1. A columnist for the Onion, known for his overly detailed paragraphs with a non-detailed sentence as an afterthought while describing dates.
2. A guy who is overly fawning, and usually wants to get into your pants and then find another girl.
1. Smoove B is funny.
2. While Norberto may not have been a Smoove B like his friend Omarion, at least he had a steady girlfriend.
by Lucy March 14, 2005
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the end result to most hindu mythology
"...and then as punishment, his left nut fell off."
by lucy May 08, 2005
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Talented band from Australia/New Zealand who were ruined for many by their songs being played on advertisements for teen drama The OC. This meant that 95% of 13 year old females were suddenly saying "OMG, I LUV EVERMORE DEY RULE DA WORLD! OMG, LIEK, IT'Z 2 L8 ROX SOOO MUCH!" This earned them the tag of "OC band" when really they should be rewarded on the fact they are incredible live, they make amazing, ambitious and uplifting music and they are three wonderfully sweet and talented men. Buy the album, ignore the "as heard on The OC" sticker.
It's Too Late, For One Day, Come To Nothing, Into The Ocean (Calling You)
by Lucy May 07, 2005
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Used before anything, has a little humming sound leading into it. Also, you have to say it a little bit of a cocky and stuffy british accent.
"Mmbasically, you're a fucking idiot."

"Mmbasically, I'm going to go watch reruns of King of the Hill."
by lucy March 11, 2005
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a really horny dude who goes around trying to have anal sex
Dude, did you see that guy? He hella wanted to buttsnipe that chick!"
by Lucy September 28, 2004
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Nickname for an extremely 'gorgeous' pretty boy, who, over the internet, tells many that he has affection for them.
'Erik?! He told me AND Abbeh that he luffs us. His new pic on his website is SO hawt, though! He's pretty much a self proclaimed wh0ret.'
by Lucy March 12, 2005
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