53 definition by Lou

kaya is our daughters name
she is always on a high and we have heard that "kaya" means high!
kaya is a beautiful creature.With the greatist knowledge of music and all the love that anyone can take .
A lot of energy too much energy
kaya=beautiful creature with a lot of love for everything .
kaya=manipulater of parents to get her own way
kaya=musical master at 8 years old !
kaya= cool as a cucumber kid..
kaya=one in a million !
kaya= one of the greatest kids on this planet
by lou June 26, 2004

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The grooviest ape in the entire universe!!!!!!!!! xxx
up a tree
by lou January 23, 2004

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shot of alcohol
'let's do slammers'
by lou February 14, 2004

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What that stack of pancakes looks like.
Man, that stack of rocks sure is stratified.
by Lou December 09, 2003

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it's a flufffy monster like something out of Monsters Inc crossed with
big bird from Sesame Street.....it's
also anothe word for a spliff..
'slollies in the bath' means getting wasted with your friends having a smoke, where as monsters in the bath means you're just pissed!
however, a slollied monster is when you are a right mess!
by lou December 10, 2003

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Norse goddess of wisdom, beauty and femininity, used to describe a lovely looking lady that has all of these qualities.
Check out that bird, she's a burt. Hubba hubba
by Lou December 08, 2003

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Cord A J Houle. really a nonsense word made from the acronym of my buddy's little bro. meant to sounds like a dirty word (cross between vag and cock) but is nonsense.
i'm gonna punch you in the cajh!
by lou February 03, 2004

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