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An opportunist (negative connotation); one who advances oneself unselfconsciously and without shame.
"Dave Douglas is cool, sure, but he's a real worm-birdy."
by Lord Mzok April 04, 2004
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one who sexually corrupts youths.
"your mom's a youth-blaster, your mom's a fuckin disaster"
by Lord Mzok April 05, 2004
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An opportunist who insists on being fronted on by Lord Mzok.
"Fuck them non-dirties, fuck them worm-birdies, fuck bitches in they early thirties."
by Lord Mzok April 02, 2004
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1. A term of endearment between friends or grundles
2. An opponent or rival of Animal Kingdom
3. A new-millenium gangbanger negatively or positively associated with Illy Klick
"I'ma fuck yo ass up titty banga."
by Lord Mzok January 19, 2005
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The infamous rap group founded in 1996 by Lord Mzok, Dos Equis, Masta Wok, and J-Swift. More recent members include Ollie and Big Nick. Masta Wok has since become known as Carlo Rossi, Lord Mzok has since become known as Clyde Sparrow. Classic tracks include "Hit 'Em Hard," "Opposite Day," "Too Damn Good," and "Steam From Cleveland." If you fuck with the Illy Klick, they will kill you.
The new Illy track is bomb. Illy Worldwide is running shit.
by Lord Mzok January 21, 2005
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Cocaine, in powder form.
"Dude, I'm on the fur of the white bunny"
by Lord Mzok April 04, 2004
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One of the central headquarters of the Illy Klick. Also home to Undertruck, Kings of Techno, Tim Bryman Orchestra, and Animal Fire.
Did you hear about that titty banga that got maced and thrown in the lions den for disrespecting Clyde Sparrow on the very grounds of Animal Kingdom?
by Lord Mzok January 19, 2005
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