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That weight around your neck that will never be alleviated until you (1) DIE or (2) eventually pay off by the time you are 107.
I would enjoy life but I have a mortgage.
by Lord Meatclown July 31, 2003

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When a pedophile poses as a record producer and intices an underaged hottie with a recording contract and movie deal in order to get her into an "audition" at his studio apartment. Later he sells the video clips of her "performance" on his website for $29.95!
Pedophile:"Dude, I ran into this hot 14 year old and I so Hilary Duff'ed her!"
Undercover cop:"Congratulations! You are now someones future Bitch!" Handcuffs come out...
by Lord Meatclown August 09, 2004

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Parasites that live in your house that no matter how much poison you put in the pot roast they still wont die.
Why are your relatives crapping themselves?
by Lord Meatclown June 25, 2003

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Usually a lazy retard so slow that growing grass outpaces them.
The manager at McDonalds is usually a shit-camel!
by Lord Meatclown August 12, 2004

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A reference to ones Johnson when one is so obsessed with Poontang and thinks ones member is the total cats meow. Length and girth are usually found to be at miniscule levels.
Come, my dear, let me introduce you to the royal we!
by Lord Meatclown August 12, 2004

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