The epitome of cool. To be used with extreme prejudice to describe items too awesome to be calledBaddass,Sweet, or the ducks nuts
by dale cooper March 3, 2005
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Archaic 1920s American slang that in various contexts refers to one or more of "excellent", "stylish", or "impressive to the ladies".

Synonymous with the cat's pyjamas and the bees' knees.
George, your zoot suit is quite the cat's meow! Perhaps now you will have a chance of capturing the attention of that flapper Matilda, she of the crimson ankle-baring swimsuit!
by rapmasta June 27, 2004
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something that is amusing; something that is hip in an old school way
your jokes are truly the cat's meow!


that 70's shirt is the cat's meow!
by stereophonic November 30, 2003
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Something that is attractive or pleasing, usually attributed to the female gender.
by neederminer April 11, 2011
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The latest, the best, the cutting edge (and more positive adjectives withe -est).
LCD televisions are the cat's meow. People love their performance and elegance.
by AutumnLeaves April 19, 2007
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