921 definition by Light Joker

to flirt with someone
I,m tired of being hit on by them.
by Light Joker February 12, 2007

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To go crazy, to go insane.
I was so mad, I thought I was going to flip.
by Light Joker September 19, 2004

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The worst idea for making the people of the U.S. look patriotic ever.
Why would George W. Bushwah get the idea that French fries were actually named after the French anyway, which is beside the fact that there are many people in the U.S. that have French heritage.
by Light Joker June 25, 2004

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(Pronounced as seperate letters)

A very important person

Here comes our resident VIP.
by Light Joker November 25, 2005

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a general word for a man(see also Jane Doe)
The police were not able to identify the victim, so they simply refered to him as John Doe.
by Light Joker January 24, 2005

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1. not edited

2. not circumcised
The fact that I am uncut does not mean that I am unclean.
by Light Joker February 23, 2005

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an erection that occurs when you wake up in the morning
I woke up with a morning wood today.
by Light Joker August 28, 2005

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