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Poorly moderated message board for the video game company Atlus.

Members consist of arrogant, childish elitists whose love of relatively obscure niche market Japanese RPGs has created a high school-caliber clique of virginal losers completely oblivious to how bad they make the fans look. Constant trolling and flame wars are the norm. Posts about who should be banned and attacks on people who are -at best- tame by comparison to the popular members are common. 90% of each thread devolves into "random humor" and inside jokes and/or circle jerks. Popularity is based on who you make fun of and reject and, who you accept and never question -both of which, are determined by the high post counters.

Moderators are more concerned with being viewed as "cool" by the small group of attention whoring popular members while enforcing said clique-minded mobbing until no longer personally entertaining. message boards is THE place to go for gamers who think games should ride solely on unorthodox character designs and limited edition sales.
by Lig Na Baste March 04, 2008
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