Charlette is one that u can trust. She is the one wil have your back and the one that you can call a friend. She is cute and a beautiful girl that you can fall in love with. She is smart always smells nice. She always there if you need her.
Man 1:Wow Charlette is nice
by Charlette5567 March 31, 2018
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The one person you can trust for a lifetime.
And love for ever.
Man I need a friend I need to find a Charlette.
by Jame Aaay November 11, 2008
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Prettiest of the group, always loyal and knows how to keep a secret. Often heard talking about sex. If you've found a Charlette you're a lucky man.
Wow man she's got to be a Charlette
by penislover981 September 20, 2016
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The prostitute from crystal lake, Illinois who 24-7 prostitutes on pornhub as well as prostitutes the world non stop, also known as the biggest whore who has ever lived. She snitched on Sinaloa cartel or better yet she framed a bunch of spics as Sinaloa cartel meaning that the sinaloa cartel never existed and kayli charlette lied to us to distract us from her arrest. She is the biggest snitch and whore who has ever walked the earth.
person 1: Kayli Charlette.
person 2: Ew dont bring up that *** ever again. Imma spit on her grave like a MF.
by Spic cartel 420 December 6, 2021
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When you snitch out entire cartel and expect a down syndrome child to take the blame for it, claiming he's your ex bf.
Person1: Hell naw nigga I aint a hoe, I aint pullin no Kali J charlette
Person2: Ya i know i thought it would be halarious if you did

PERSON 1: Naw nigga Ryan cant take the blame for everything!

Person 2: I know I wasnt pulling a Kayli Charlette.
by gangster disciples 101 October 2, 2021
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When you snitch out the Cartel but expect Saad to take the blame for it
person 1: Bro, stop pulling a Kayli Charlette, it's gotta be the worse reputation to have.

person 2: yea is that bitch even conscious? lmfao
by Yo Latin King G September 9, 2021
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