Katerina, also known as Kate or Kat, is a very attractive girl, although she might not notice that for quite a while. The most wonderful thing about Katerina is her crazy personality; she is extremely fun to hang out with. Katerinas' personality is really rare. She is often quite sporty, caring, funny generous and just an amazing person in general. If you know a Katerina, you absolutely have to get close to her. Just don't get on her bad side.
''Dude, is that Katerina?''
''What is she doing on the roof of McDonald's?''
by mashatheweirda September 5, 2019
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Katerina’s are the most beautiful people in the planet and are talented dancers. They beat anyone with beauty but are also very modest about it! If you know a Katerina get with her now because she is kind and wonderful! I am not a Katerina but I know one very well. They are always up for fun and like the gentlemen. They also like to be asked out first. You would have to make the first move. She would love you with all her heart but if you broke up with her it might change her amazing personality. If you know a Katerina then become friends with her now or you will regret it. Tho if you are mean she will become salty and sassy fast!
Wow you are acting like a Katerina! So nice and kind
by Lilac flower 🌸 May 25, 2018
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A beautiful, amazing, strong, caring, protective women who will do and be anything her friends or family need her to be. She speaks her mind and can be brutally honest sometimes. She's beautiful just looking at her but she's even more beautiful in battle. She has an outrageously beautiful personality. When she loves, she really loves and gives it her all. She may be short, but never doubt her right hook. She isn't afraid to look death in the face and give it one of her famous "witty Kat retorts" she either get's in trouble for fighting or because of her mouth. She doesn't care what other people think. Shes usually a bad ass mother fucker but when no one's looking, she's sweet and gentle. She has the most amazing eye's that will make you fall in love within seconds. She isn't known for crying, at all. She help's those in need regardless of the consequences. If someone is being hurt but can't defend themselves then she will defend them even if she gets the punishment. She has a dark back story but that didn't hold her back from shooting across the sky as bright, powerful, and beautiful as a shooting star. Though she can be a bitch at times, she can also be the nicest person you've ever met. She's insecure but won't let it show, and when she's sad then she just hit's the gym. She's often known for her rockin' body and her goddess like features. "She look's like a goddess and she fight's like one to."~ The Betrothed Kirsten Morgan
person A: I'm not scared of a good fight, who am i gonna beat up next?"
Katerina: me.
person B: where'd person A go?...

person C: -being beat up-
Katerina: -beating up the "bully" so person C can run.
Katerina: -in jail for assult and battery even though it was just self defense-

"Boy: i love you Katerina, but your to stubborn to show me how you feel.
Katerina: It's not because i'm stubborn it's because i'm afraid to love.
Boy: but your not afraid of anything?
Katerina: i am, you just didn't care enough to ask."~The Betrothed by: Kirsten Morgan
by Katerina, bad ass July 18, 2020
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A crazy gal who loves nothing more than dancing and having a good time. Some might say she’s not even herself when she hits the dance floor. She’s fun to be around and you don’t want to miss a night out with her.
by Virgil101 June 2, 2018
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The girl that can't get away from weird,yet funny moments to occur.For example,falling into trash cans,walking into walls,and snorting wildy in public.Makes you wonder what she's thinking about and if you even know anything about her.One of the more people to bring you some pretty "different" experiences.
Person:"Hey Katerina"
Person:*Chuckles awkwardly*
Katerina:*Keeps Laughing*
Person:*Gets creeped out*
Katerina:*Still keeps laughing*
Person:*Loses sanity and rams head into wall repeatedly
Katerina:*Gives no fucks
by Sauceboy87 August 10, 2017
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Katerina is an attractive , extremely sexy , cute and smart girl.
Sometimes she do weird things but still funny just the perfect girl for Giwrgos
Boy: OMG! Is this Katerina?! She is so gorgeous!
Boy2: Don't you even try dude....she is with Giwrgos:(
by GKeyori November 19, 2021
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Smart asssssssss! Duuuuhhhh! Smart and good at dancing duhhhhhhh! You shal not be outsmarted by Katerina! mmmwahhh haaaahaaaa!
You are dumb fuck you should be like Katerina!!!!!!!
by Renaissance_7D_2015 March 6, 2015
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