Another definition of Perfection, The most amazing girl any guy could ever ask for, she's always there for you, she's got the most gorgeous smile in the world,she absolute perfection, head to toe. any guy would be luckly to even meet her, she everything a guy could ever ask for.
by Jesse Damagg October 15, 2011
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A girl that is perfect in every way, amazing, and has the beautifulest smile. They have the funniest sense of humor, caring, and often will be doing random stuff on ft. She can be too nice and doesn't want to hurt anyone. She loves sweets, loves Disneyland, and loves dancing. Leana's are pretty princesses and will make you go uwu. They usually like watching random videos on YouTube or making tiktoks. She doesn't even have to try being cute or attractive, she is just naturally attractive. Overall, she is beyond what words could describe, she is rare and she'll be hard to let go of. She is one of a kind.
Leana is such a pretty princess but such a butt.
by iluvfoodalot February 24, 2020
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Leana is the sweetest and the cutest person in the world. any guy would be really lucky to have her. She is brave and fearless and that's why she is loved by the boys. In my eyes, she is the perfect angel.
by YaBoiJoel December 04, 2018
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Extremely flirtatious and loves to have an audience. Is always surrounded my amazing boys. and loves to be loved by all but don't underestimate her she has a way with words and has a tongue like fire coupled with a fuse as short as an ant. But treat her right and she can be the best person you know.. that is if your on her good side..
You see that girl over there? That's Leana, she is absolutely amazing
by rererethatlek November 30, 2011
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she' a world-traveller, swinging on vines, crossing the Nile, wrestling erect crocodiles. She can't sit still, she knows everybody and has shit on all of them too. She's a secret gate keeper, treat her right and she'll give you the key to your life-long quest.
Friend 1: Who's that girl that just came into town?
Friend 2: Oh..that's Dana. She's always going somewhere, meeting people. She just can't stay in one place!
Friend 1: Man I wanna be just like her. I wanna be a Leana!!!
by Ulona February 05, 2010
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a weird funny pretty girl who often smells like chunions and will beat any body up
Shes such a Leana
by Rican queen savage February 22, 2018
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A female that performs sexual favours in exchange for doughnuts. A doughnut whore.
Oh man...she went down on that guy for a Krispy Kreme...she's such a fucking Leana.
by Leahna July 27, 2004
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