5 definitions by Lee T

It is the entire male package. We're talking the nuts and bolt, the twig and berries, the cock and balls.
Brandon: "Hey have you heard all the talk about Dan's incredible member?"

Lee: "Yeah, why is such good equipment wasted on a fucking mormon?"
by Lee T September 26, 2005
The knee-butt is a painful yet entertaining move that can be preformed on friends and ememies alike. The move is executed as follows:

The unsuspecting victim is standing so that their back is facing you. Approach the person, call out "knee-butt!" and knee them right in the ass bone. Hurts like hell. It is customary to call out the knee-butt warning before kneeing. When knee-butting friends it is recommended to knee with care, due to the potential anal crushing power of the move. Grabbing onto the persons shoulders can add a more visually dramatic element to the move, as well as increasing the power behind it.
Kevin: "Dude why are you hopping around and holding onto your ass like a fucking fairy?"
Steve: "Dustin just friggin gave me the worst knee-butt of my life!"
by Lee T September 9, 2005
A shortened form of the word anus.
Dan has been known to put it in the ane from time to time.
by Lee T September 9, 2005
Conquering is the art of masturbating in unusual places. To conquer an area one must blow thier load while masturbating there. The area is only conquered if orgasm was reached.
Person 1: "Yesterday I conquered the front office at school"
Person 2: "Yeah well I conquered your bedroom while you were sleeping the other night"
by Lee T September 9, 2005
1. Often used in conjunction with an adjective to describe the magnitude of ones penis; if no adjective is provided, it is generally accepted that "equipped" refers to a large penis.

2. Carrying a firearm.
1. After sifting through his huge collection of pornography, Mason suddenly felt inadequately equipped in comparison to the ginormous penii that filled his screen.

2. During the lobby scene in the Matrix, Neo was properly eqipped for the situation at hand.
by Lee T September 26, 2005