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The knee-butt is a painful yet entertaining move that can be preformed on friends and ememies alike. The move is executed as follows:

The unsuspecting victim is standing so that their back is facing you. Approach the person, call out "knee-butt!" and knee them right in the ass bone. Hurts like hell. It is customary to call out the knee-butt warning before kneeing. When knee-butting friends it is recommended to knee with care, due to the potential anal crushing power of the move. Grabbing onto the persons shoulders can add a more visually dramatic element to the move, as well as increasing the power behind it.
Kevin: "Dude why are you hopping around and holding onto your ass like a fucking fairy?"
Steve: "Dustin just friggin gave me the worst knee-butt of my life!"
by Lee T September 08, 2005
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