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Hawaiian Slang for a hand gesture.

Orgin: 60's Hawaii

its a hand gesture and its called shaka. and it means your cool!
make a fist and stick your pinky out and your thumb, twist your wrist back and forth. a hand gesture to tell another person he or she is cool for doing something.
by LEC2 May 06, 2003
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Orgin: SF bay area
"Fuck Them Yayo Cola Fiends".
by Lec2 February 10, 2003
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a person whos eyes are bug like.

one eyeball is looking the other way


when a person open their eyes their pupil would be fully exposed. with no eyelid touching the pupil. even when they are relaxed. just they way they were born.
person1: "I spoke to her but I wasn't sure if she was looking at me".

person2: "why person1?".

person1: "Because she was bugeyed!"
by LEC2 May 07, 2003
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A Police officer on patrol.

Orgin: Cali Streets

derived from 5-0 which means the patrol car. Fiver refers to the person inside the patrol car. who is the police officer.
Fiver keeps sweat'n me cuz I wear my hat backwards.
by Lec2 February 09, 2003
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Refered to a messed up van but now is used to mean any car that is messed up.
like a hoopty .

Orgin:LA 80's
My bucket sucks
by LEC2 May 07, 2003
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A Marijuana that is rolled with cigarette paper BUT DONE RIDICULOUSLY HUGE.
Person1:Check this Spliff out man!!!
Person2:Oh yeah! look at mine!
Person1:wait... I wasn't done.
Person2:Holllllly SHIT!!!
by LEc2 May 14, 2003
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Marijuana joints.
A Rocket in your pocket keeps the doctor away.
by LEc2 May 14, 2003
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