One of the main Hawaiian islands. A beautiful and exotic island full of white people who think their Hawaiian, Filipinos who think their Hawaiian, and about ten actual full Hawaiians. The island is a great place to live unless your growing up, then you don't learn about the real world, you think that the hard streats of Hanamaulu are actually hard and that the west side has a real gang, and you can go to one of three underfunded high schools all of which suck ass or island school and be one of those pussies. The outdoor activities to enjoy are endless except you can hardly ever do anything because it's always raining, then the only thing to do is go to kukui grove, our great mall, with all the emo middle schoolers and skater fags. The music sucks, there's chickens everywhere, there's nothing to do, the roads are inadequately built, and there's no hood fast food. All in all though a pretty nice place.
Guy from Ohio- Where are you from?
Kauaian- I'm from Kauai.
Guy from Ohio- Wow. Do you live in a grass shack?
by dickstorm April 5, 2015
the bestest island of all the hawaiian islands. east and west is the best parts of the island. north and south is where all the anorexic chicks and haole wanabe locals are at. too much haoles are moving to the island of kauai and developing on it. pretty soon da whole island is gona sink so if ur planning to come to kauai, try chance um and we going bus up ur rent a car and send u back to da mainland dumb haole
kauai is at da top of da chain!
by kauaigurl76 July 11, 2008
One of the main Hawaiian islands. It's main import is tourists. It's chief export is tacky souvenirs. It residents are the following: The retiree who has moved to the island to complain about everything, the average working class who usually have to have 2 or more jobs in order to eek out a living, and the angry locals who seem to hate everyone. The second type usually are very warm and friendly and will bend over backwards to help you.

The latter class tends to hate anyone who isn't brown and tends to exhibit excessive amounts of xenophobia and racism. So much so that if 2 people from the same place visited and one was Caucasian while the other Latin American, The Latin American would be treated fairly while the Caucasian( colloquially known as Haole) will be treated poorly. Sadly a majority of these types tend to be of mixed race (even white).
Kauai has some of the greatest scenery and if you stick to touristy things you'll have a great time. Go anywhere else and you'll get a not so warm welcome from some of the locals.
Kauai is locally known as the unconquered island by some locals, but in reality Kauai surrendered to King Kamehameha (see DragonballZ) to prevent bloodshed
Want to go to Kauai?

Angry moke: No foget fo go home stupid Haole.
by 1haole December 7, 2012
Beautiful Hawaiian island populated by a-hole locals that hate everything and everyone. Unfortuantly they dont take into consideration if there weren't visitors to the island none of them would have jobs.
Kauai is awesome
by PIGGGGG September 5, 2012
One of the physically oldest Hawaiian Island. At face value you will see breath taking beaches, canyons, waterfalls. Containing an abundance of tropical flora, and the largest population of endangered Hawaiian birds left. World class resorts and surf but beware.
There IS aloha, and there IS some good people but you are gonna get taxed in flesh, material or spirit. Good luck finding a full time job. Many locals spend their lives working multiple jobs trying to make ends me. Outsiders, you arent wanted here unless you are tourist bringing money, and even that is hit and miss.
If on Kauai long enough, be ready to meet ignorance, intolerance, career welfare, drugged out, drunk personalities. Be ready for disenfranchised, pissed off locals who are itching just to kick somebodies ass.
The price of everything is more expensive here. A basic room for rent is priced high. Good luck trying to buy a home. If you can actually buy a home here, more often than not you arent from here. It was sold to you by an outsider who is screwing the local population out of affordable housing for personal profit. You are just fueling the local distaste for the outsiders.
If you are from here, and arent one of the dying population of real Hawaiians you are more than likely nothing close to it. You are a product of generations of immigrants. (Plenty from the sugar cane era) Portugese, German, Japanese, Chinese, Filipino completely outweight actual Hawaiian blood pound for pound.
Kauai haoles Locals paradise chaos aloha beauty sluts drugs theft
by pacificanonymous August 14, 2014
one of the Hawaiian islands, its filled with ghetto kids and cracked out parents. They do have a lot of respect for locals. If a tourist were to disrespect Hawaiian culture they’d get one bong up thier ass. There’s not much to do. If you’re visiting whatever you do don’t fucking go to the mall on a Friday night. I would tell you which mall but there only one. Basically every ghetto middle school vape god and highschoolers that think that they’re supreme druggies when really someone just slipped them some Advil. There’s different sides of the island East, West, South, North they all have their own cute little “gang signs” the North shire is basically rich snobby white kids or some chill surfers, the South side no one really gives a flying fuck about but I think they body board¿ the West side thinks they’re gang members but really they just look stupid with thier bandanas walking like they have a stick up thier ass. I mean some of them are nice if you have enough weed. And then the East side is all kinds of fucked. They’re genuinely some locals mixed with north shores drowning in a bottle of Smirnoff. I mean the island itself is beautiful until your getting dragged on rocks down at Queens Bath. And there’s always children running around the streets of Hanamalu and Anahola: the 2 most ghetto parts of the island. Anyways have fun visiting. AND BY THE WAY THERES AN OKINA AFER THE SECOND A SO DONT PRONOUNCE IT LIKE ONE HAOLE.
gotta live Kauai
by Brah marry February 18, 2018
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Girl:Kauai looks hot over there I want to go huge and kiss him

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