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scottish word for 'penis'
or a stupid fuck.
1. that guys a fucking tadger.
by leanne November 20, 2003

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a person who persistanly uses sarcasm as a means of communication.
"Leanne is so funny, she's just a big smartass"
by Leanne March 19, 2003

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To be under the influence of particular substances. E.g. Alcohol & drugs
"I was so twatted last night"
by Leanne April 02, 2005

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When something is both itchy and scratchy hence scritchy.
"My nose is scritchy"
by Leanne March 16, 2005

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An alternative for yay, meaning one is very happy.
"Uay i passed my test!"
by Leanne March 16, 2005

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When someone has a head that is of a square shape.
"Look at his giant squed!"
by Leanne March 16, 2005

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JJ is an AWESOME basketball player and a total HOTTIE!!! He has a HOT body!! He is the best basketball player there ever was and back to the HOTTIE part!! He never did pot...people just are jealous that he can play ball and that he is gorgeous...I love you JJ!!!
JJ is the best bball player ever!!
by Leanne April 04, 2004

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