An explorer that didn't actually discover anything and treated everyone like poop.
by Ra1nCl0ud February 16, 2021
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So, here's what you do.

Step 1: get 40 dudes to Jizz in a kitty pool to fill it up.

Step 2: Get some chick to participate

Step 3: Blindfold said Chick

Step 4: Write "america" on a tennis ball and put it in the kitty pool.

Step 5: put the chick in the pool and have her find the tennis ball, like Christopher Colombus did. XD
Bro, last night I got some bros and we had a chick do The Christopher Colombus... It... was.... RAWSOME!!!!!!
by hahalolcatz2010 September 17, 2011
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A verb named after the great Italian sailor Christopher Colombus, who reached the New World in 1492.

And refers to the act of civilizing or converting an uncontacted native group, specially a hostile one, often by means of arms
Person: The Sentinelese people are hostile to outsiders, have had no contact with civilization and will receive you with a volley of arrows

Me: Just Christopher Colombus the motherfuckers and you're done
by ElConquistadordeAcero September 01, 2018
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