Slang definition of the Scarborough section of eastern Toronto, a racially mixed, lower to middle class wasteland of houses, bland apartment buildings and strip malls, some of which contain massage parlors. Regular sights include police cruisers driving at high speed with sirens going, kids chillin' on street corners, white women pushing strollers containing black toddlers, and several fast-food joints. Also commonly known as "Scarberia".
"Yo fuck dat D, I be chillin in Rexdale - I ain't drivin' yo punk ass 'cross town to Scarlem"
by Lazarus Ciccone April 17, 2004
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The scarsdale hood. Where desprate people buy cheap houses so they can say that they're from scarsdale. This area wouldn't be included in the zipcode if this was any other town. Although it is the "hood" of scarsdale they are still scared to go to yonkers.
Ew, she's wearing winter juicy, and it's march. She must be from scarlem.
by WriteNameHere April 16, 2006
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S for sexiest smartest girl ever. Best partner and friend. Is a lovely girl. She loves to eat and sleep. Guys love her and love how she cooks. Her uniqueness make her special and an amazing women. She loves too much. She’s smart and a beautiful girl.
S for Smart Scarlem
by 1234nicewomen November 24, 2021
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