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I just picked up the new Alternica CD St. Anger, it's so awesome I'll put it right beside Deftones and The Offspring!
by Lars July 3, 2003
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When a man goes off on a monologue rather than lending space for diverse conversations to ensue.
At the meeting Tuesday I brought up the issue of what happened over the weekend and Tod went off on a manologue, not allowing any room for conversation.
by Lars April 29, 2021
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Titled ( Asshole/Armpit ) of the country. Lots of coal, stupid people, some decent restraunts and things to do. Some good things came out of scranton. Scranton is better than hazleton, glen lyon , tamaqua but far from good place to live.
Lets go to scranton and go to the stupid bar pool hall

Home of the steamtown mall
by Lars February 25, 2005
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Term commonly and excessively used by John B. referring to any person/object within yelling distance. Meaning useless piece of fuck, little shit head, assface, etc.
"Fuckin' cocksucking piece of shit toilet. What a swaggart!" -John B.
by Lars November 14, 2004
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Guinea refers to Italian men and the way their entire nasty fat ass body is cover with fur unlike and other white out there. This is why they are called guinea's, much like guinea pigs. That and they behave like pigs. Guinea's are an insult to all white people everywhere.
any italian man that smells like shit and is super fuckin hairy.
by Lars April 14, 2005
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When a soldier jacks off in his bunk at night.
Paul was helicoptering and it kept me up all last night.
by Lars March 11, 2005
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