The worst Metallica album to date. There should have been solos by Kirk, and Lars.

Mix of Nu-Metal with Heavy Metal, which sounded really crap.

Even though im a hardcore Metallica fan, i'll always say St. Anger sucked balls.
Hey Jimmy. Wanna go to the Metallica concert? They're doing the "Madly in Anger with You" tour.

Fuck off wanker ! St. Anger blew ! I'll go if they're playing good music like Dyers Eve and Sad But True !
by Mr. Ownage June 16, 2004
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St. Anger is a Metallica album released on June 5th, 2003. The Album has 11 songs on it's listing and lasts for a total of 75 minutes and 4 seconds. This album was hit with many mixed reviews and has a score of 65/100 on Metacritic. There has been many criticisms of the album because of the drum snare which to quote Brent DiCrescenzo "playing a drum set consisting of steel drums, aluminum toms, programmed double kicks, and a broken church bell". Therefore there has been many jokes in the Metallica community about this album's drum kit being made out of tin cans.
Friend: Yo! Did you listen to St. Anger yet?
Other Friend: Nah, it's filled with tin cans!
by ThePearl234 July 18, 2022
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nuff said. wow it's like st anger damnit!
St anger is the worst album ever made.
by ndhwd August 8, 2004
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A term synonymous with "shitty drum sound". This is due to the fact that in order to "get back to their roots", Metallica decided to make the snare drum sound like a pile of garbage cans. It is worth noting that even on their first album, Metallica's drums did not sound this shitty. Goddamn this album blows.
Bro, let's take another take of that song, I gotta tune this snare, it sounds totally St. Anger right now. Goddamn that album blew.
by Smanny March 23, 2006
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The worst Metallica Album ever recorded.
St. Anger sucks. Let's listen to Master of Puppets.
by BobMushroom September 12, 2003
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An attempt to relive one's prior glory that falls exceptionally short.
by A musician September 4, 2003
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The feeling I got when I {bought and} listened to Metallica's 2003 album of the same name.
St. Anger made me St. Angry. -_-
by Tampon Terrorizer July 25, 2008
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